Naked Miss Moravia Volleyball FKK

Description:  Czech town, with all extinguished Primuses of the Czech Republic gathered hundreds of nudists, to take part in the Volleyball Championship. Nude athletes and spectators from grandparents, have introduced in this sport a certain individuality. Several teams racing for victory during a warm summer weekend. In addition to competitions, was still and rest with a swim, lunch and just walks along the beach. The awards ceremony is this striking film that very well and righteously promotes Nudism and naturism as a State of mind, and the sport as a health promotion and the cohesion of the broad masses of nudistkih.

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Whirlpool-Spa (Naturist Freedom)

Description: Another masterpiece from famous Studios. Young mothers with their daughters have decided to arrange a luxurious stay in one of the spas. Family naturism become very bright (lacking only dads and husbands, but they likely do not miss). And you know what the word “Spa” (Spa, spa treatments, etc) is derived from the name of a small Belgian town where still in the 17 century bal′neolečebnicy were located at the base of the large number of mineral springs. Only in the 20 century, the word “Spa” has a broader meaning, which encompasses the entire range of health treatments as aquatic and aromatic. Some decode this word as “health through water”, claiming to be from the Latin sanus per aquam, which is not entirely true, since in Latin the words spelled aquae vi sanus. But oh well, enjoy!

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Miss Hawaii (Naturist Freedom)

Description: This film is about how to choose the best among the Hawaiian girls, this is a nice and good competition among European girls and girls naturistok. The film itself as a festival with music and dance, fun games. And all this music with Hawaiian motifs. A striking example of promoting family naturism. The film has two huge bonus with insight on the latest films from studios. The movie quality is excellent, all the parts are played.

File size: 3.81 Gb 
Resolution: 720×480
Duration:  more than an hour + bonuses for about an hour  
Format video: mpeg
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Sport Rally 94

Description: A large sports hall, a large crowd of on-sports minded naturists of all ages, great sports and win. Very high quality great movie about a sports day in naturist society. All as it should be-the first warm-up, then outdoor games and competitions. Naturist children team, team naturist adults. The spirit of passion in the air, good health and good mood!
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Princess (Naturist Freedom)

Description: Another good, kind and quality of the film from the Studio of the Naturist Freedom. No longer requires proof of the Fite, children nudists and naturists grows more developed moral and among them there are no people with sexual deviations. If the child from the very beginning of his life focused on the undress and touted it as a razumeeŝeesâ, the questions that arise from other children under the age of puberty, fall away. In the movie, the kids played, entertained, while adults are back in childhood and are keen to participate in competitions.
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